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The body is the temple, and the maintenance of this temple is intrinsically tied to maintaining healthy stress levels, normal digestion, regular movement and good lifestyle techniques. Dr. Petersen has extensive training beyond her chiropractic education in the areas of functional medicine and nutrition, starting with a bachelors degree in nutritional science from Cornell University, and most recently being trained as an ADAPT Practitioner through the Kresser Institute. She offers crafted plans for long-term health that can be used on their own, or enhanced with chiropractic adjustments.

Functional Wellness VisitsFunctional Medicine Asheville

Get a tailored plan for long term health, or get to the bottom of chronic issues. A deeper, integrated look into your body from a functional medicine perspective.

This type of visit is done in two parts; the first is a 60 minute initial consult that consists of a detailed intake of your current state, including diet, lifestyle, medications and health history. Any necessary labs will be ordered at this time, which may include blood work, gastrointestinal labs, tests for adrenal function, or other hormone testing. The second is a 30 minute follow-up visit where we will go over your lab results and a treatment plan that may include nutritional protocols, lifestyle modification, and supplements.  While this practice is surely not a substitute for medical care, and continuing to work with your primary care physician is always recommended, it is an excellent complement. This is because it focuses on the root of issues, potentially minimizing the need for more invasive, risky procedures down the road.

Dr. Kirsten’s philosophy involves giving you realistic tools for meeting YOUR goals, whether they involve having more energy, weight loss, healthy aging, correcting unwanted symptoms, or most anything that is motivating you in your life right now. Your goals become her goals, and you get an educated guide as an ally in your path to health.

This style of treatment can help you find equilibrium in your system. Good health starts from within, and when our way of being bring us vitality, we can better enjoy long, vibrant lives.

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